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Placentia is known now as a quiet and safe bedroom community with roots back to the 1860’s when much of the land was purchased by Daniel Kraemer. The area owes its name to Sarah Jane McFadden who suggested it in 1878 and it is a Latin word meaning "pleasant place to live." Life changed considerably in 1910 when A.S. Bradford convinced the Santa Fe Railroad to route its tracks through Placentia. By the 1920’s Placentia had become “the center of Valencia Orange Growing and Packing.” Mr. Bradford also is responsible for the layout of the city’s main streets. In 1926 it was incorporated with a population of 500.

Common Pest Problems in Placentia

Placentia AntsPacWest Exterminators services multiple accounts in Placentia and is very familiar with pest problems in the area. Some of the most common pests we deal with are Termites, Ants and Rodents.

Argentine Ants in Placentia

Argentine Ants are a big problem and we have encountered some of the toughest ant problems in Orange County here in Placentia. We can control them with a focused ant control regimen.


Rodents are a problem here especially due to the city’s history of citrus farms. When the weather gets cool, rodents tend to move into homes to stay safe and dry. They can chew through walls, cables and other items in your home.

Drywood & Subterranean Termites

Both Drywood and Subterranean Termites have been found in home in the city and can easily be controlled by PacWest Exterminators. Termites can do significant damage to anything made of wood on your property in a short period of time.

An Exterminator You Can Trust

PacWest Exterminators is a full service company and if your problem isn’t listed in this article it doesn’t mean we can’t control it. We are committed to caring for your home and knowledgeable enough to follow through. We have State licensed and experienced technicians that can treat and eliminate any pests invading your home. From Rodents to Ants we have all the necessary skills and training to care for you and your home with the utmost respect and efficiency. We serve all of Orange County, including Cypress. Get a free Placentia Pest Control Quote today.

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Up-to-date knowledge

Our technicians have up-to-date knowledge of the techniques available for use in treating your home and business and will create a customized treatment and maintenance program for each customer!

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Family Owned and Operated

PacWest Exterminators is a family owned and operated company that is committed to our customers. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are down to earth and offer free estimates for your pest control needs. Please call us and we would be happy to help you.

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Residential & Commercial Pest Termite Rodent Control

If you’re having a problem with rodents, then we have a licensed technician who can track and eliminate them for you. Maybe termites are bugging you, than call for a free inspection. We are a one stop shop for all your pest control needs. 

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Pest Control

Integrated-Pest-Management is as a system of controlling pests by combining biological, chemical, cultural, mechanical and physical control methods in a way that minimizes health and environmental risks.

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Our Mission Statement

PacWest Exterminators provides peace of mind and protection from unwanted pest invaders by partnering with our customers to safely supply effective, professional expertise to those experiencing problems in their homes, schools, businesses, rental properties, and places of worship. 

Serving all of Orange County and many Los Angeles County locations

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Reliable and Experienced

PacWest Continues to Set High Standards for Ourselves so that Our Customers Receive the Best Possible Service. Our technicians are Knowledgeable of the Latest in Pest Control Techniques, This Enables Us to Customize Effective Treatment Plans for Every Situation.

We are especially adept at solving your problems with Argentine Ants in Orange County, even if over-the-counter products have made the problem worse. We have a lot of experience in solving your problems with Cockroaches in Los Angeles.

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Fast Effective Responsible Pest Control

PacWest Exterminators is a full service residential, commercial and industrial pest control company serving the greater Orange County and LA communities. 

We take pride in our exceptional customer service.  Each PacWest associate is dedicated to the customer and exhibits integrity and respect when coming into your home or property.

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