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Mosquito Control

Low Impact and Traditional

PacWest Exterminators is a leader in southern California mosquito control. We realized early on that mosquitoes were a big problem for our customers and we needed solutions when Vector Control announced they wouldn't control all backyard mosquitoes anymore. 

We provide multiple mosquito control options that work best when all done together. But we don't force you to buy them all as a single package. We provide a menu of options so that you can choose what's best for you.

We proudly provide In2Care mosquito stations. These amazing active mosquito stations work to reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding both on your property and on neighboring properties. We use mosquitoes to kill mosquitoes and it is a low impact solution!

We also treat mosquitoes with conventional mist blow sprays of vegetation, windows, doors, and first story eaves. We do this service with either one of two optional services. The first is the most advanced multiple active ingredient chemical on the market that provides not only quick knockdown but great residual control of adults with a larvicide added as well. Our second option is a low impact essential oil chemical mixed with the best mosquito larvicide on the market. 


Implementing both In2Care and Conventional mosquito services throughout the mosquito season is the best chance you have at an enjoyable outside experience. Either service includes a comprehensive drain and small pot larvicide treatment as well as an full assessment of your property. We take mosquito control seriously. 

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