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Belmont Shore Exterminator

PacWest Exterminators has been proudly serving Belmont Shore and Naples since 1998. Please feel free to give us a call to experience a quality of service unmatched by any of our competitors. This is the PacWest Guarantee!

Belmont Shore & Naples Pest Services

The neighborhoods of Belmont Shore and Naples are part of the larger city of Long Beach but they have a culture and flavor all their own. While being part of the large city of Long Beach they retain their small town flavor and laid back beach lifestyle with numerous small shops and Spanish style homes from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

During the summer some portions of roadway are closed to vehicles and restricted to pedestrian and bicycle traffic only to accommodate those coming to soak up the rays of the sun. Typically in September the largest one day car show in the west is held, the Belmont Car Show. Naples Island was built in 1903 from a series of three islands to be the “Venice of America.” Visitors can take gondola trips through the canals of the island and enjoy Alamitos Bay.

Dealing with Pests in Belmont

PacWest Exterminators services accounts here and is aware of the problems of pests in the temperate beach climate. Insects thrive in pleasant, mild climates and here in Belmont Shore and Naples Island is no different.

Argentine Ants, Cockroaches, and Rodents

Argentine Ants have taken hold here and our Pest Control Service Contract will protect you from their constant invasions. American and Turkestan roaches are a well known problem here along with Oriental Cockroaches in the wet marshy areas. Extra time and effort must be taken to really control these nuisances. Rats and mice are also known to enjoy Island life and can be pests here from time to time.

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Operating Hours

Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 8am - 4:30pm
Sat/Sun: Closed

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