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Bugs of the Season

It is still hot… very hot, and this year very humid during the day. More important for the bugs, it is warm at night. Insects are out in full force breeding and spreading through the neighborhood. They are everywhere. That is unless you have PacWest Exterminators servicing your home.

In our last treatment, we used our most comprehensive chemicals to keep a lid on summer bugs like cockroaches, crickets, and spiders. We hit them all where they live and breed, everywhere on your property we could.

We now turn back to the ants; the end of the summer is the time they do their most prolific foraging. You see trails all around the neighborhood. Ants can travel up to a mile a night to forage for the colony. They spread throughout your neighborhood storing up food for the winter. Now is our best chance to attack them.

Argentine Ant Control

Now it’s time for your primary Summer Ant Treatment. Argentine Ants are the biggest nuisance ant pests in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The Very Large Colony of Argentine Ants extends from Northern California down through the Mexican/US border. This Massive colony has eliminated most other ant species in the area, and they infest homes regularly.

Specialized Chemical Treatment

To combat these infestations, PacWest Exterminators utilize Termidor and Sumari. These breakthrough chemicals have revolutionized Ant control through their ability to spread through a colony via the ant’s natural social behavior. This is called the Transfer Effect. As ants pass through treated areas, they pick them up on their bodies and transfer them to other ants within their colony.

The chemical is not lethal for 24-72 hours and during that delay the chemical transfers to other ants via touch (cleaning each other, feeding each other, and communicating with each other.) This allows it to spread to ants that never came into physical contact with the treated area. These amazing chemicals eliminate large numbers of ants quickly. Also, since these chemicals are not detectable to ants, they cannot avoid them or protect themselves from these effects.

We have also added Ant granular baits to our ant treatments. Our ant baits are used on any trails or mounds we see in the yard. With these baits, we can start killing ants inside the colony that never would contact our chemicals on the outside.

Due to the nature of all these chemicals we ask all our customers to completely avoid using any over-the-counter pesticides. The special chemistries we use are very sensitive to other insecticides. If any other pesticides are sprayed in the same area, then they will not work, and the ants will not be exterminated.


We want to remind you if you are under a service contract with us and are having a problem with covered insects inside your home then please call us so we can come and treat the problem for you right away.


The other reason we want to ensure your end of Summer Ant treatment is maximally effective is because of our limited ability to use these chemicals. Termidor has a limited number of uses on your property per year. This is because it is one of the most popular active ingredients in the world and is used extensively in agricultural and over-the-counter flea treatments.


Flea and Roach Control

One of the other benefits of our Ant treatment is that it crosses over very well to keep fleas under control. We spray for ants in all the same areas larval fleas like to grow, under plants. in cool soil areas, and along cracks and crevices. Alpine is an excellent chemical to attack fleas where they grow before they attack you or your pets.

Cockroaches also like the moist, damp spaces of your yard. They love humid weather and will leave eggs in these out-of-the-way places to hatch. Alpine is an excellent roach treatment that kills roaches where they aggregate. Aggregation sites like under mulch, in meter boxes, and under landscaping are penetrated when a roach that wandered through the chemical goes back to the site. We use roaches to kill other roaches.


If you partner with PacWest Exterminators then we can control your ant, flea, and roach problems all year long. You will never have to worry about waking up to that dreaded invasion in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom again!

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