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Bugs of the Season

Winter is here and it is time to decorate the palm tree and wear autumn themed board shorts. Winter in SoCal isn’t the same as winter in other parts of the country. We may break out our umbrella a couple of times and put on long pants at night but there is still the chance of a warm day occasionally.

Insect behavior is determined by the weather, not the season. Because the nights are colder the bugs aren’t as active, but if it heats up at all they come back out to explore and forage for food. The occasional wet damp conditions, along with intermittent sunshine and warm days allow all types of insects to breed and expand even in wintertime. Here we need pest control year-round to ensure insects don’t invade our holiday gatherings. The last thing we want are ants or roaches in our kitchens as we prepare our Thanksgiving feast!


Defensive Treatment Option

During this season we use our Defensive Treatment Option to protect homes from any occasional invaders.  We focus our treatments on mulch and flower beds for any earwigs, spiders, crickets, and pill bugs remaining there. Since we have just finished our summer ant treatments, we can be confident those insects are under control and can turn to focus on the rest of the insect population. While we do this we still defend the home from any stray ants, or other invader, that would like to crash your holiday parties. We try always to use chemicals that survive wet conditions and reduce runoff as much as possible during any potential rain events. We also utilize granular insecticides that activate in moist damp conditions that are most effective at this time of year.

We Focus on Your Needs

As always PacWest Exterminators tries our best to tailor our pest control plan to your home while remaining very conscious of insect biology and scientific methods. It is important to time our treatments to maximize their effectiveness and to provide for our customers the best possible pest control available on the market today, but our greatest priority is always you, our customers. With our up-to-date training and continually updated use of the most high-tech chemical solutions we provide unparalleled service and value in LA and Orange County!


PacWest Guarantee

We want to remind you, if you are under a service contract with us and are having a problem with covered insects inside your home then please call us so we can come and treat the problem for you right away.

If you partner with PacWest Exterminators then we can control your ant, earwig, and cockroach problems all year long. You will never have to worry about waking up to that dreaded invasion in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom again!

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