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Bugs of the Season

The dog days of summer are here and the heat is here. Bugs love the warm weather; in fact, they especially love the warm nights. As the average daily temperature rises there is an influx of all thing buggy.

This time of year means beach time and finding ways to beat the heat, but the problem is the bugs like this weather best. That is why you’ve hired PacWest, to protect your home through these months. This is when we bring out the big guns to knock down all of the bugs that are active.

Mosquitoes have hatched and are biting. Wasps nests are growing in your eaves. Spider are out hunting other bugs and getting bigger. American and Turkestan cockroaches are emerging from the sewers and drains to invade your garages, bathrooms, and kitchens. Fleas, triggered by warm weather, emerge from their pupae to bite you and your pets. 


In short, the bugs are out in force. That's where our mid summer treatments come to your defense. Our goal in this season is to knock down as many insects as we can and put up the strongest barriers allowed to protect your house. 

Spider, and Cockroach Control

Our Summer treatment focuses on all bugs other than ants. Since last treatment focused on ants we can trust they're under control and focus on the other big problems at your home. We swept the eaves for spider webs last time, so, this time we attack any new spiders we find aggressively. American roaches emerge from sewer access points and march towards homes in warm weather. We place barriers between your home and these areas to kill them on their way to you. If they try to use your drains to enter your house we can add our optional drain treatments to kill them as they try to sneak inside.

General Granule Treatment

To combat the general increase in bugs all over the yard we treat the whole yard with a fine granule that can get down below the grass to where the insects live, hatch, and breed. This gets chemical down to those emerging fleas. The warm weather triggers the fleas to come out and look for food. Our granules are there to meet them. Earwigs, and crickets live down below the grass and our granules will find them there too and  continue killing them all summer. 

The granules are a controlled release formulation that protects the yard all summer long. Watering your yard after our spray dries helps to begin this release process. Be sure to just lightly water the first time after your treatment and don't let any water run off the landscape. This ensure the granules peak effectiveness.

We want to remind you, if you are under a service contract with us and are having a problem with covered insects inside your home then please call us so we can come and treat the problem for you.


If you partner with PacWest Exterminators then we can control your pest problems all summer long. You will never have to worry about bugs in your house!