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Huntington Beach
Pest Control

Welcome to “Surf City USA”! Huntington Beach has embodied the beach culture of the Beach Boys and other surf music. Originally built to rival Atlantic City it was first incorporated in 1909 by the original developer, the Huntington Beach Company. The first boom there was oil in the 1920s. The second boom was in the 1950s as people moved here for the beautiful weather and beaches. In the 1960s Donald Douglas built the Douglas Aircraft Space Systems across from the U.S. Weapons Station. The upper stage of the Saturn V rocket, the one that took astronauts to the moon, was produced here.

Back in 1925, Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing to the area. 28 years later the first surf shop opened, Gordie’s Surf Boards. In 1959 the first U.S. Surfing Championships were held in Huntington Beach. These were televised in 1960 and the city became world-famous as a “surfer’s paradise.” The USA Surf team made Huntington Beach their official home in 2005 and the Surfing Professionals -North America.

Pest Control in Huntington Beach

PacWest Exterminators has served Huntington Beach for the past 27 years and we understand the bug problems in Surf City. We service numerous accounts here and because of the temperate weather bugs thrive. Many common insects invade homes here, but the area is especially susceptible to Argentine Ants and American Cockroaches.

Ants in Huntington Beach

Ants are active here throughout the year and an ongoing service is needed to keep them under control. The two most common species of ant are not native to southern California. They are the Argentine Ant and the Rover Ant. Both Argentine and Rover ants are found in Huntington Beach. We use special non-repellent chemistry to control Argentine Ants on the outside. Rover Ants are more difficult, and we are still testing out different treatment options to find what works best outdoors for them. Inside it is best to use liquid baits to control Rover Ants.

Cockroaches in Huntington Beach

American Roaches are big cockroaches that emerge from local sewer systems and invade homes. They breed prolifically in the warm and humid environment of city sewers. They also find plenty of food in the sewers to sustain large populations there. Cockroaches in Huntington Beach can be found escaping sewer manhole covers and drainage ditches and walking into homes and garages. Our exterior sprays intercept them and prevent their entry. They can also climb up interior pipes and drains. We have a special roach drain treatment for our customers in Huntington Beach to stop their entry through drains.

Rodents in Huntington Beach

Invasive roof rats are found all throughout Huntington Beach. They make their nests in palm trees and near fruit trees. They will go wherever they find food and a safe place to sleep in a neighborhood. We can inspect your home and identify their behaviors and the best way to control them. Population control is the best solution for the non-native roof rat. We control them through both trapping and locked and sealed rodent bait stations. We use only the most modern and effective rodent baits on the market to control rodents in Huntington Beach. We track all consumption data and adjust frequency and bait type based on hard data on your property. One size does not fit all in rodent control because they are smart animals. PacWest Exterminators is smarter than rodents in Huntington Beach.

PacWest Pest Guarantee

PacWest Exterminators has been proudly serving all of  Huntington Beach, from Sunset Beach to Adams and from Yorktown to Wintersburg, since 1998.

PacWest Exterminators is a licensed and insured in the State of California to perform all types of extermination and pest related services. Our technicians are trained to control your problem and friendly to help you maintain your home and sanity. We can help with all types of problems; from Ants to Crickets and Rats to Termites in Huntington Beach. We have the necessary skills and training to care for you and your home with the utmost respect and expertise. 

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