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Placentia Exterminators

PacWest Exterminators has been proudly serving all of Placentia, from Atwood to the City Center, since 1998. Please feel free to give us a call to experience a quality of service unmatched by any of our competitors. This is the PacWest Guarantee!

Placentia Pest Control

Placentia is known now as a quiet and safe bedroom community with roots back to the 1860’s when much of the land was purchased by Daniel Kraemer. The area owes its name to Sarah Jane McFadden who suggested it in 1878 and it is a Latin word meaning "pleasant place to live."


Life changed considerably in 1910 when A.S. Bradford convinced the Santa Fe Railroad to route its tracks through Placentia. By the 1920’s Placentia had become “the center of Valencia Orange Growing and Packing.” Mr. Bradford also is responsible for the layout of the city’s main streets. In 1926 it was incorporated with a population of 500.

Argentine Ants in Placentia

Argentine Ants are a big problem and we have encountered some of the toughest ant problems in Orange County here in Placentia. We can control them with a focused ant control regimen.

Placentia Rodents

Rodents are a problem here especially due to the city’s history of citrus farms. When the weather gets cool, rodents tend to move into homes to stay safe and dry. They can chew through walls, cables and other items in your home.

Termites in Placentia

Both Drywood and Subterranean Termites have been found in home in the city and can easily be controlled by PacWest Exterminators. Termites can do significant damage to anything made of wood on your property in a short period of time.

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