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Mouse in a house

Rodent Control

Full Service Options

We partner with you to control rodents inside and around your home. We have three basic options and you can choose from our menu of rodent control options. All three options include, at no charge, our superior rodent inspection of your property. If you are unsure which option to choose then you can always schedule our inspector for a nominal fee.

Rodent Trapping is the fastest way to get live rodents out of your home. Like all things fast it isn't comprehensive, It takes care of the immediate issue but doesn't provide long term control.

Rodent Population Control is a slower long term solution to the rodents both in your home and on your property. Rodents generally don't come inside if there isn't a large enough population outside. We control them via locked and secured rodent poison bait stations. 

Rodent Close Off of a structure is a great way to keep rodents from entering your house without chemicals. The only problem is a properly motivated rodent can chew through steel. If done without some type of population control rodents can chew their way back into the home over time. This still remains a very necessary step in keeping these filthy animals from wandering into your home randomly.

We would of course recommend you order up a full plate of rodent control from us. We also realize you have a limited budget. For this reason we can talk you though all the options and let you choose what is right for you and your budget.

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