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Stanton Exterminators

PacWest Exterminators has been proudly serving Stanton since 1998. Please feel free to give us a call to experience a quality of service unmatched by any of our competitors. This is the PacWest Guarantee!

Stanton Pest Control

Stanton traces its roots back to the early 1900’s and was originally called Benedict. In 1911 Anaheim proposed a sewage farm in modern Stanton and Farmers in the area, under the leadership of Philip Stanton, came together and incorporated the area in May of 1911. In 1924, in order for the State to construct roads in the area, Stanton disincorporated. Stanton was then reincorporated in 1956 after the population explosion of the baby boomers. Today Stanton hosts three major events that serves its residents and brings in people from the surrounding area: Summerfest, a Halloween Fair, and Christmas in the City.


Pest Problems in Stanton

PacWest Exterminators is familiar with the pest problems in Stanton. American and German Cockroaches are known to be a problem here that invade homes. Rodents are also a known issue in Stanton, especially along the 22 FWY corridor. Argentine Ants attack homes in the city and can be controlled with a focused professional treatment plan. If your pest is not listed here please feel free to call and we can discuss treatment options with you.


Solution Focused

PacWest Exterminators is a committed and professional company who will care for your home as if it were their own. From Termites to Ants and Cockroaches to Rats we have the necessary skills and training to care for you and your home with the utmost respect and efficiency.  

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Operating Hours

Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 8am - 4:30pm
Sat/Sun: Closed

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