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Villa Park Exterminator

PacWest Exterminators has been proudly serving Villa Park since 1998. Please feel free to give us a call to experience a quality of service unmatched by any of our competitors. This is the PacWest Guarantee!

Villa Park Pest Control

Villa Park is the smallest city in Orange County as is primarily a residential city with only one shopping center. It was originally called Mountain View until they applied and received a post office, at which time they changed their name to Villa Park. For almost 60 years its dominate industry was Citrus farms and the Villa Park Orchard's Association is still a thriving business in Villa Park. The city was incorporated in 1962 to stop the encroachment of the city of Orange into the affairs of this small community. The ranchers who lived here shaped the city and left it a beautiful community of mostly half acre lots and stylish homes. 


Ant Control

PacWest Exterminators is proud to serve Villa Park and its surrounding residents. Ants are a residual problem in the city, due to the long history of citrus production in the area. These ants can be controlled with our Pest Control Service Agreement and monthly or Bi-monthly treatments.


Rodent Services

Rodents are also a problem in this semi-rural area and often invade homes. We are skilled and can either remove them from your home or reduce their population in your yard with our Rodent Services. We are a full service company and if your problem isn’t listed in this article it doesn’t mean we can’t control it.

Start Pest Service

PacWest Exterminators is a licensed and insured in the State of California to perform all types of extermination and pest related services. Our technicians are trained to control your problem and friendly to help you maintain your home and sanity. Click below to get your free, no obligation quote.  

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Mon - Thu: 8am - 5pm
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